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With our installment loans you can avert disaster with little to no fuss at all. Simply log on from home or work and with a few clicks you can rest easy that you have the finances to cover it.

Financial disasters turn up when you least expect them. It can be a medical emergency, repairs of burst pipes, payment to the baby-sitter or just unexpected guests. The irony is that financial emergencies don’t necessarily occur when you are financially ready for them; they can occur even when you don’t have enough cash to deal with the situation. This is when you can rely on a unsecured personal loan for any financial emergency.

Lots A Lolly has made it as straight-forward as possible for you to apply and get approved for a no-fuss loan. You need not worry about your application or awkward questions as it is all taken care of online. Once you fill out the 60-second application form, your loan request will be assessed by one of our experienced loan advisor's and a decision will shortly follow. All details will be clear and transparent, including loan amount, repayment schedule and how long it will take for it to be deposited to your UK bank account.

Our small loans really are designed to be a simple method to obtaining a loan even with a poor credit rating. Also you do not need to worry about you or your employer receiving phone calls related to your application - as the loan is verified based on the information you provide.


Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to